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Janice has been through rough times in her life. She got caught in the lifestyle which every young girl or woman can relate to. Experience is the best teacher. Being involved in Molestation, Abuse, Cheating, and the hustle, she found herself in a ruff situation over and over again, and this time she did not know how to get out it. Having a child at a very young age with a guy she only knew for a couple of months have turned her life around, but with mom Vicky, and Carmen to help, it all worked out for the best. Living a fast lifestyle, becoming a woman meeting a guy name Tommy, who took care of her in a time of need. Janice got back in touch with Desmond her teenage love, her life changed, not only being destroyed outside, but it broke her inside. Desmond told her what to do, and what not to do and she had no where to run to, the abuse did not stop. Janice was in this unhealthy relationship for six years, until she got fed up, and said enough was enough. She finally let him go but the only thing that saved her life was Desmond getting locked up in jail for three years. Prepare yourself on a journey, and read the process of what happened along the way. Raheme was patiently waiting for Janice. He fell in love with her the first time he met her. Janice was still in a love with Desmond. She finally gave in to Raheme and he was the perfect man for her. Will he put up with her drama and stay with his family, or will he stand up to Desmond? Desmond who is still incarcerated will be released soon.

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    Steven Van Belleghem

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    132 Pages

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