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This sixth edition of Society at a Glance, OECD's biennial overview of social indicators,  updates some indicators from previous volumes and introduces several new ones. It also features a special chapter on unpaid work. It includes data on the four newest OECD members: Chile, Estonia, Israel and Slovenia. Where available, data on major emerging economies Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa are also included.  www.oecd.org/els/social/indicators


Chapter 1. Cooking and Caring, Building and Repairing: Unpaid Work around the World -Unpaid work and well-being -What is unpaid work?
-Measuring unpaid work -Tme use in OECD countries and emerging economies -Differences between men and women -Types of unpaid work -Valuing unpaid work -Conclusion Chapter 2. Interpreting OECD Social Indicators -The purpose of Society at a Glance -The framework for OECD social indicators -The selection and description of indicators -What can be found in this publication Chapter 3. Society at a Glance: An Overview Chapter 4. General context indicators -Household income -Fertility -Migration -Family -Old age support rate Chapter 5. Self-sufficiency indicators -Employment -Unemployment -Student performance -Pensionable years -Education spending Chapter 6. Equity indicators -Income inequality -Poverty -Income difficulties -Leaving low income from benefits -Public social spending Chapter 7. Health indicators -Life expectancy -Infant mortality -Positive and negative experiences -Water and air quality -Health spending Chapter 8. Social cohesion indicators -Trust -Confidence in social institutions -Pro- and anti-social behaviour -Voting -Tolerance

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