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In July 2008, Peru became the 41st country to adhere to the OECD Declaration on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises. This review, undertaken as a part of Peru's adherence process, show the country's achievements in establishing an open and transparent regime with a limited number of restrictions, enabling Peru to rank among the most open economies. Recent government initiatives seek to further reduce administrative barriers to investment, streamline and simplify investment incentives, and promote responsible business conduct practices.


List of Abbreviations Executive Summary Chapter 1. Peru's External Economic Relations -Recent Trends in FDI Patterns -Peru's International Investment Agreements Chapter 2. Peru's Policy Framework for Investment -Investment Policy -Investment Promotion and Facilitation -Trade Policy -Competition Policy -Policy Promoting Responsible Business Conduct -Other Selected Policy Issues Annex A. Peru's Exceptions to National Treatment Annex B. Bilateral Investment Agreements Concluded by Peru Annex C. Peru's Membership in International Organisations and Adherence to International Conventions Annex D. State-Controlled Enterprises in Peru Annex E. Major Public-Private Concession Projects in Peru Annex F. Peru's FDI Regulatory Restrictiveness Index

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