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''edouard Louis is one of the most important literary voices of his generation'' Guardian Everything started with a photo. To see her free, hurtling fulsomely towards the future, made me think back to the life she shared with my father. Seeing the photo reminded me that those twenty years of devastation were not anything natural but were the result of external forces - society, masculinity, my father - and that things could have been otherwise. One day, edouard Louis finds a photograph of his mother from twenty years ago. A picture of a happy young woman, full of hopes and dreams. Growing up, edouard only knew his mother''s sadness, as she found herself trapped in the humdrum life of a housewife, and her struggles against the dominant world of men. What happened in those years since the photo was taken? Then, at the age of forty-five, his mother frees herself from this oppression. She leaves her husband and her old life behind, to start a new one in Paris. A Woman''s Battles and Transformations is edouard Louis''s most tender book yet. It reckons with the cruel systems that govern our lives, with politics and power - and with the possibility of escape. It is an exquisite and loving portrait of a mother, and an honouring of her self-discovery and liberation as she chooses to live on her own terms. Translated from the French by Tash Aw Praise for Who Killed My Father ''Louis speaks with an emotional authenticity and a stylistic confidence that is hard to ignore'' Observer ''edouard Louis is the vanguard of France''s new generation of political writers'' Evening Standard ''This short work tackles the intersections of class, gender and sexuality... Louis gives voice to the way the cruel, crude hegemony of masculinity has essentially destroyed his father''s life'' Guardian ''This valuable tale brings emotion to a discussion led by numbers, encouraging us to remember the real human lives affected by policy and political point-scoring'' Financial Times ''To understand what is happening now in France, or indeed, all over Europe, this is an essential text'' Irish Times

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    Edouard Louis

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    Harvill Secker

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    128 Pages

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Edouard Louis

Édouard Louis est écrivain. Ses trois premiers romans ont été traduits dans une trentaine de langues. Il a collaboré avec de nombreux metteurs en scène comme Stanislas Nordey, Thomas Ostermeier ou Milo Rau. Il est également l'un des traducteurs de la poétesse canadienne Anne Carson. Depuis 2019, il enseigne à La Manufacture - Haute école des arts de la scène de Lausanne.