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The major new novel from the international bestselling author edouard Louis - about success, transformation and the perils of leaving the past behind.

One question took centre stage in my life, it focused all my thoughts and occupied every moment when I was alone with myself: how could I get this revenge, by what means? I tried everything.

edouard Louis has received international acclaim for his vivid, unflinching accounts of poverty and homophobia in his autobiographical novels such as The End of Eddy. Now, in Change, he turns his keen eye upon himself, investigating his youth like never before: the people he idolized and emulated, the manners he adopted to blend in at elegant tables, the daily and nightly jobs he undertook to make a living, the injuries of the past and the impossibility of escape.

A question pulses, urgent and demanding: ''Am I doomed always to hope for another life?'' Louis mines emotion, true and deep to the core, as he addresses past friends, lovers and selves, and attempts to belong, to be loved, to succeed and - at all costs - to change.

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    Edouard Louis

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    Harvill Secker

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    288 Pages

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    22.2 cm

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    14.4 cm

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Edouard Louis

Édouard Louis est écrivain. Ses trois premiers romans ont été traduits dans une trentaine de langues. Il a collaboré avec de nombreux metteurs en scène comme Stanislas Nordey, Thomas Ostermeier ou Milo Rau. Il est également l'un des traducteurs de la poétesse canadienne Anne Carson. Depuis 2019, il enseigne à La Manufacture - Haute école des arts de la scène de Lausanne.