Harvill Secker

  • Anglais HHhH

    Laurent Binet

    An astonishing, unforgettable novel a thrilling Second World War assassination plot told with rare literary brilliance.

  • It's 1945: a German bomber flies over Iceland in a blizzard. Puzzlingly, there are both German and American officers on board. One of the senior German officers claims that their best chance of survival is to try to walk to the nearest farm and sets off, a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. He soon disappears into the white vastness.

  • Anglais Philida

    André Brink

    Philida decides to risk her whole life by lodging a complaint against Francois, who has reneged on his promise to set her free. His father has ordered him to marry a white woman from a prominent Cape Town family, and Philida will be sold on to owners in the harsh country up north.

  • Anglais Cain

    José Saramago

    Two decades after Portuguese novelist and Nobel Laureate José Saramago shocked the religious world with his novel The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, he has done it again with Cain, a satire of the Old Testament. Written in the last years of Saramago's life, it tackles many of the moral and logical non sequiturs created by a wilful, authoritarian God, and forms part of Saramago's long argument with religion.

    The stories in this book are witty and provocative. After Adam and Eve have been cast out of Eden, Eve decides to go back and ask the angel guarding the gate if he can give her some of the fruit that is going to waste inside. The angel agrees, and although Eve swears to Adam that she offered the angel nothing in return, their first child is suspiciously blond and fair-skinned. Cain, in his wandering, overhears a strange conversation between a man named Abraham and his son Isaac - and manages to prevent the father from murdering the son. The angel appointed by God to prevent the murder arrives late due to a wing malfunction. Cain brushes off his apology. 'What would have happened if I hadn't been here?' Cain asks, 'and what kind of god would ask a father to sacrifice his own son?'

  • Elizabeth Costello is a writer of international renown. Famous for an early novel from which, it seems, she will never escape, she has reached the stage where her remaining function is to be venerated and applauded. What matters to her is the search for a means of articulating her vision.

  • Anglais There There

    Tommy Orange

    Jacquie Red Feather and her sister Opal grew up together, relying on each other during their unsettled childhood. As adults they were driven apart, but Jacquie is newly sober and trying to make it back to the family she left behind. That's why she is there. Dene is there because he has been collecting stories to honour his uncle's death. Edwin is looking for his true father. Opal came to watch her boy Orvil dance. All of them are connected by bonds they may not yet understand. All of them are there for the cultural celebration that is the Big Oakland Powwow. But Tony Loneman is also there. And Tony has come to the Powwow with darker intentions. 'There There is a propulsive, groundbreaking novel, polyphonic and multigenerational, weaving together an array of contemporary Native American voices into a singularly dynamic and original meta-narrative about violence and recovery, about family and loss, about identity and power.' Derek Palacio

  • Anglais Ratlines

    Stuart Neville

    A German businessman is the third to die: murdered in a seaside guesthouse. A note pinned on his body is addressed to Colonel Otto Skorzeny, Hitler's favourite commando and once the most dangerous man in Europe, and warns Skorzeny that they are coming for him next.


    Ruth Ware

    ''A real spine-chiller that confirms Ruth Ware as the true heir to Christie''s crown. Ingenious plotting sees the body count rise and multiple suspects eliminated until we''re left with breathless game of cat-and-mouse'' Erin Kelly, bestselling author of He Said, She Said ''The sense of dread deepens as the snow falls in Ruth Ware''s tensely plotted and deliciously cast alpine thriller'' Louise Candlish, bestselling author of Our House **The unmissable new thriller from the queen of the modern-day murder mystery.** Snow is falling in the exclusive alpine ski resort of Saint Antoine, as the shareholders and directors of Snoop, the hottest new music app, gather for a make or break corporate retreat to decide the future of the company. At stake is a billion-dollar dot com buyout that could make them all millionaires, or leave some of them out in the cold. The clock is ticking on the offer, and with the group irrevocably split, tensions are running high. When an avalanche cuts the chalet off from help, and one board member goes missing in the snow, the group is forced to ask - would someone resort to murder, to get what they want? Praise for Ruth Ware''s addictive thrillers: ''Atmospheric and eerie with Agatha Christie vibes '' Prima ''Ruth Ware just gets better and better'' Lisa Jewell, author of The People Upstairs ''A dark tale by one of the best thriller writers around'' Independent ''Will hold you captive until the brilliant ending'' Shari Lapena, author of Someone We Know

  • Debut dt: Die letzte Reise der Meerjungfrau - oder wie Jonah Hancock über Nacht zum reichen Mann wurde. Roman, geb. 3.2018 1785, London, Die Meerjungfrau, die ein Kapitän aus Übersee mitgebracht hat, versetzt ganz London in Staunen. Jonah steigt in die obersten Kreise der Gesell-schaft auf und verkauft seine Meerjungfrau schliesslich für eine schwindelerregende Summe, denn er möchte der Edelkurtisane Angelica Neal seine Gunst erweisen.

    Autorin: Englische Archäologin und Anthropologin

  • When he hears her favourite Beatles song, Toru Watanabe recalls his first love Naoko, the girlfriend of his best friend Kizuki. Immediately he is transported back almost twenty years to his student days in Tokyo, adrift in a world of uneasy friendships, casual sex, passion, loss and desire - to a time when an impetuous young woman called Midori marches into his life and he has to choose between the future and the past.

    ** Murakami's new novel is coming ** COLORLESS TSUKURU TAZAKI AND HIS YEARS OF PILGRIMAGE 'The reason why death had such a hold on Tsukuru Tazaki was clear. One day his four closest friends, the friends he'd known for a long time, announced that they did not want to see him, or talk with him, ever again'

  • ''The Death of Mrs Westaway is Ruth Ware''s best: a dark and dramatic thriller, part murder mystery, part family drama, altogether riveting'' AJ FINN, bestselling author of THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW When Harriet Westaway receives an unexpected letter telling her she''s inherited a substantial bequest from her Cornish grandmother, it seems like the answer to her prayers. She owes money to a loan shark and the threats are getting increasingly aggressive: she needs to get her hands on some cash fast. There''s just one problem - Hal''s real grandparents died more than twenty years ago. The letter has been sent to the wrong person. But Hal knows that the cold-reading techniques she''s honed as a seaside fortune teller could help her con her way to getting the money. If anyone has the skills to turn up at a stranger''s funeral and claim a bequest they''re not entitled to, it''s her. Hal makes a choice that will change her life for ever. But once she embarks on her deception, there is no going back. She must keep going or risk losing everything, even her life... The brand new psychological thriller from the Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author of The Woman in Cabin 10 .

  • Standalone dt: Der Reisende, 1.2018

  • Jo Nesbo is one of the world''s bestselling crime writers, with The Leopard , Phantom , Police, The Son, The Thirst and Knife all topping the Sunday Times bestseller charts. He''s an international number one bestseller and his books are published in 50 languages, selling over 45 million copies around the world. Before becoming a crime writer, Nesbo played football for Norway''s premier league team Molde, but his dream of playing professionally for Spurs was dashed when he tore ligaments in his knee at the age of eighteen. After three years military service he attended business school and formed the band Di Derre (''Them There''). They topped the charts in Norway, but Nesbo continued working as a financial analyst, crunching numbers during the day and gigging at night. When commissioned by a publisher to write a memoir about life on the road with his band, he instead came up with the plot for his first Harry Hole crime novel, The Bat . Sign up to the Jo Nesbo newsletter for all the latest news: jonesbo.com/newsletter

  • Rosie and Daniel have moved to Ceylon with their little daughter to start a new life at the dawn of the 1920s, attempting to put the trauma of the First World War behind them, and to rekindle a marriage that gets colder every day. However, even in the lush plantation hills it is hard for them to escape the ties of home and the yearning for fulfilment that threatens their marriage. Back in England, Rosie''s three sisters are dealing with different challenges in their searches for family, purpose and happiness. These are precarious times, and they find themselves using unconventional means to achieve their desires. Around them the world is changing, and when Daniel finds himself in Germany he witnesses events taking a dark and forbidding turn. By turns humorous and tragic, gripping and touching, So Much Life Left Over follows a cast of unique and captivating characters as they navigate the extraordinary interwar years both in England and abroad.


    Joseph O'Connor

    1878: The Lyceum Theatre, London. Three extraordinary people begin their life together. Henry Irving is the volcanic leading man and impresario; Ellen Terry is the most lauded actress of her generation; and following behind them in the shadows is the unremarkable theatre manager, Bram Stoker.ÿSHADOWPLAY explores the experiences that led to DRACULA, the most iconic supernatural tale of all time.

  • Anglais THE SON

    Jo Nesbo

    SONNY''S ON THE RUN Sonny is a model prisoner. He listens to the confessions of other inmates, and absolves them of their sins. HE''S BEEN LIED TO HIS WHOLE LIFE But then one prisoner''s confession changes everything. He knows something about Sonny''s disgraced father. SONNY WANTS REVENGE He needs to break out of prison and make those responsible pay for their crimes. WHATEVER THE COST

  • Tsukuru Tazaki had four best friends at school. By chance all of their names contained a colour. The two boys were called Akamatsu, meaning 'red pine', and Oumi, 'blue sea', while the girls' names were Shirane, 'white root', and Kurono, 'black field'. Tazaki was the only last name with no colour in it.

  • **A Guardian , The Times , Daily Telegraph, Financial Times and The Week Book of the Year 2018** The extraordinary final volume of Karl Ove Knausgaard''s monumental My Struggle series, ''perhaps the most significant literary enterprise of our times'' ( Guardian ) The End is the sixth and final book in the monumental My Struggle cycle. Here, Karl Ove Knausgaard examines life, death, love and literature with unsparing rigour and begins to count the cost of his project. This last volume reflects on the fallout from the earlier books, with Knausgaard facing the pressures of literary acclaim and its often shattering repercussions. The End is at once a meditation on writing and its relationship with reality, and an account of a writer''s relationship with himself - his ambitions, his doubts and frailties. My Struggle depicts life in all its shades, from moments of great drama to seemingly trivial everyday details. It is a project freighted with risk, where the bounds between private and public worlds are tested, not without penalty for the author himself and those around him. The End is the capstone on an unparalleled achievement.

  • Anglais The Night Circus

    Erin Morgenstern

    The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not.
    The black sign, painted in white letters that hangs upon the gates, reads:
    Opens at Nightfalll Closes at Dawn As the sun disappears beyond the horizon, all over the tents small lights begin to flicker, as though the entirety of the circus is covered in particularly bright fireflies. When the tents are all aglow, sparkling against the night sky, the sign appears.
    Le Cirque des Rêves The Circus of Dreams.
    Now the circus is open.
    Now you may enter.



    Karl Ove Knausgaard

    Karl Ove Knausgaard (Author) Karl Ove Knausgaard ''s My Struggle cycle has been heralded as a masterpiece all over the world. From A Death in the Family to The End , the novels move through childhood into adulthood and, together, form an enthralling portrait of human life. Knausgaard has been awarded the Norwegian Critics Prize for Literature, the Brage Prize and the Jerusalem Prize. His work, which also includes Out of the World , A Time for Everything and the Seasons Quartet, is published in thirty-five languages. Martin Aitken (Translator) Martin Aitken ''s translations of Scandinavian literature number some 30 books. He was shortlisted for the International DUBLIN Literary Award in 2017, was a finalist at the US National Book Awards in 2018 and received the PEN America Translation Prize in 2019. He lives in Denmark.

  • Anglais Flight

    Alexie Sherman

    Modern fictionSherman Alexie's first novel in 10 years is the portrait of an orphaned Native American boy who travels back and forth through time in a charged search for his true identity.