Kellie Jones

  • Mickalene Thomas Nouv.

    The first comprehensive monograph on Mickalene Thomas, a key figure in 21st-century contemporary art.

    Over the past two decades Mickalene Thomas's critically acclaimed and extensive body of work has spanned painting, collage, photography, video, and immersive installations that have become her signature. With influences ranging from nineteenth-century painting to popular culture, Thomas's art articulates a complex and empowering vision of aspiration and self-image through gender and race while expanding on and subverting common definitions of beauty, sexuality, and celebrity. This book, made in close collaboration with Thomas, is the first to survey the breadth of her extraordinary career.

  • Lorna Simpson Nouv.

    The ultimate monograph on the work of celebrated artist Lorna Simpson, a trailblazer who continues to influence and inspire.

    Lorna Simpson is a multimedia artist known for her pioneering approach to conceptual photography. In 1993 Simpson was the first African-American woman ever to show in the Venice Biennale and to have a solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.
    This landmark book documents Simpson's career in its entirety, up to her most recent work. In doing so, it sheds light on the remarkable path that Simpson paved to global critical acclaim and art-world stardom.